Strategic planning

Organizational success is an outcome of efficiently executed day-to-day activities and effective strategic planning. Hedge Gate Hill strategic planning services engage all levels of an organization. Strategic planning services are intentionally designed to inspire the strategic engagement of organizational leadership, board members, partners, funders, external stakeholders and, most crucially, organizational staff to accomplish mission & fulfill vision.  

Hedge Gate Hill’s best practice strategic planning processes include the use of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to obtain thorough data the current situation and vision of the future. Hedge Gate Hill uniquely blends organizational data with theories of quality assurance engineering, self-psychology, object relations, and organizational psychology to establish clear measurable goals and objectives that effectively and efficiently drive strategic change.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is the result of individually tailored interactions to enhance core strengths & competencies and to support growth in identified areas of development & opportunity. Hedge Gate Hill’s leadership development services are focused on assessing & enhancing leadership ability in developing an inclusive culture and effectively leading teams through change. Success is a direct result of a leader’s ability to inspire and motivate teams to implement programs to reach organizational excellence. 

Hedge Gate Hill engages leaders in interactions that facilitate a clear self-understanding and an insight into how individuals, groups and teams achieve strategic objectives and attain mission success. Leaders are supported through quality assurance engineering & psychology informed experiences to nurture discovery into current performance & leadership style. Leaders learn to embrace and internalize their strengths and development opportunities to achieve values-based objectives.

Organizational development

Hedge Gate Hill facilitates organizational development through application of theories from quality assurance engineering, psychology & social work and the diligent use of the scientific method. Organizational development is supported by a thorough hands-on assessment of leadership, staff, work processes, available resources and stakeholders. The goal of an organizational assessment & development is to ensure maximum use of available resources, success measurements and planning development to accomplish mission and fulfill vision. 

 Successful organizational development connects human emotion, inspiration & motivation to values-based actions & processes. Success flows from well-designed policies & procedures aligned with an inclusive workforce’s collaborative positive momentum that is harmony with the organization’s mission and vision. Hedge Gate Hill brings intentional analysis, workforce evolution and strategic planning to develop and implement best practice enterprise-wide procedural solutions.

Organizational effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness is achieved through first rate strategic leadership, well developed & deployed staff, clearly defined work processes, effective use of resources and the intentional engagement of internal & external stakeholders. Hedge Gate Hill provides consulting services that bring the many components of an organization together with objective data driving strategic change to achieve organizational excellence.  

Hedge Gate Hill leverages its team members’ diverse experiences of having lived & worked in various local, regional, national and international settings to support organizations in developing & maintaining diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces. Effective organizations embrace diversity and the resulting strength of diverse team member experiences & perspectives. 

Organizational effectiveness is supported through the consistent and transparent communication of resource utilization and success metrics. Hedge Gate Hill brings substantial experience in developing, measuring, and communicating success metrics. Hedge Gate Hill provides a unique model of integrating regular organizational reporting with website design & annual reporting requirements.

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