Our History

Hedge Gate Hill was created to leverage the over 30 years of experience in nonprofit, for-profit & governmental organizations of our founder Mark Hillenbrand. Mark brings a unique blend of skills and techniques from his experience working and leading non-profit, for-profit and governmental organizations. His ability to understand and guide organizational strategic planning and operational management is strengthened by his experience of establishing & operating a successful US for-profit business, working for US non-profit agencies and leading a Canadian governmental professional regulation organization.

Mark’s diverse experience, and having lived & worked in various local, regional, national and international settings, strengthens Hedge Gate Hill’s ability to support organizations in developing & maintaining diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces. Mark brings his extensive experience in quality assurance engineering and advanced education & training in mental & emotional health to organizational strategic planning, management and improvement.

Our founder

Mark Hillenbrand, LISW, RCSW, is a former engineer & a current social worker clinically licensed in the US state of Iowa and clinically registered in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Mark holds an undergraduate Chemistry degree from Indiana University and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Iowa. He is trained in quality assurance engineering, self-psychology, object relations, and pastoral counseling.

He practiced quality assurance engineering across 4 industries in 6 different locations. He delivered clinical social work interventions at his private practice in Des Moines, Iowa for over a decade. During that time, he also facilitated long standing support groups for people living with chronic illness, including HIV/AIDS and Huntington’s disease.

Mark is a community leader. His passion for and commitment to social justice led Mark to community equity building projects in the city and school district of West Des Moines, Iowa. Mark has deep experience in social work regulation in both the United States and Canada, as an appointee to the Iowa Board of Social Work and his role as CEO/Registrar of the British Columbia social work regulation body.

Mark engages in relationship and group dynamics, with an authentic desire to deeply understand each person’s truth and respect for each person’s worth. During time away from work, Mark can be found with family and friends, hiking, and volunteering in community work. Mark’s favorite self-care activity is connecting with others through the joy of music. Learning the harmonica has been a life-long creative outlet and challenge.

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